Mulberry South is a market research firm founded in 2012.

Mulberry South's research team conducted a multi-year research initiative, called Good. Celebrated., to discover a key audience engagement indicator known as "Social Impact Culture Type."

Here are two examples from our research:

Diary of a Good Girl

Diary of a Good Girl was the name of a research-based lifestyle media platform designed to test content and activities related to celebrating good in a household setting. The website operated from 2011  - 2014 as part of a research study to collect data about consumer trends in philanthropy and social impact. Bolstered by the 2012 publication of a self-improvement book, Cereal for Dinner, Cake for Dessert, Diary of a Good Girl tested strategies to create consumer loyalty through authentic social impact engagement. 


Eat Cake Do Good

Eat Cake Do Good was a 2012 market research campaign designed to test the connection between "celebrating good" and achieving success, both at home and in the workplace. The study connected the dots between traditional notions of philanthropy and principles of positive psychology. The Eat Cake Do Good campaign included a series of employer-sponsored workshops for employees to learn the basics of philanthropy, charitable giving, social impact lifestyle, corporate citizenship and community engagement as pillars of personal and professional growth. The campaign featured whimsical cakes--both in print and in edible form--as a metaphor for celebrating philanthropy in the ways that mean the most to the people doing the good. The research indicated that making a positive difference in the lives of others is one of the best ways to make a positive difference in your own life, too. 

Today, Mulberry South's research-based tool to determine Social Impact Culture Type is deployed through products and services offered by qualified vendors in the philanthropy, marketing and technology industries.